Plant Hire Kent – What you Need to Know

Plant Hire Kent – What you Need to Know

Uncertainty continues to cast a shadow over the construction sector in the UK, which has been grappling with the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic. Organizations like Build the UK and the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) have sounded a cautionary note, warning that this sector is poised to suffer significant damage due to the ongoing pandemic. Rupa Lakha emphasized that the construction industry has had to navigate stringent guidelines and restrictions pertaining to health, safety, mobility, and work, all while being urged to press on with its operations. At the start of 2021, the virus was rampant, with nearly sixty thousand new cases reported.

However, infection rates have since substantially declined, with an average daily count of 5766 cases. Research and analysis firm IHS Markit reports signs of recovery in the construction sector. For those involved in this industry, it presents an opportune time to embark on standalone building projects and property development, as real estate prices remain relatively affordable. This affordability is partly due to the lingering uncertainty arising from the emergence of different virus mutations. The most recent variant from Africa is particularly concerning. Given this uncertainty’s potential impact on the construction industry, opting to rent construction equipment instead of purchasing it is a prudent choice.

Selecting the Right Equipment and Associated Costs

Plant Hire Kent offers a comprehensive range of construction machinery available for rent and stands as a leading player in the United Kingdom’s industry. Their offerings encompass various dumpers, diggers, and a diverse selection of attachments.

Digger Expenses

Purchasing a new digger, also known as an excavator, can impose a significant financial burden. This vital equipment is employed for excavating materials like soil from construction sites. Opting to rent a digger is a more cost-effective solution than buying one. Plant Hire Kent provides diggers with weight capacities ranging from 0.8 to twenty-one tonnes, with rental costs contingent on the machine’s weight. Additionally, if you require an operator, expect an additional charge. The company boasts an array of diggers from esteemed brands like Hyundai, Doosan, Liugong, and others. Moreover, you have the option to rent attachments such as augers, grapples, hydraulic breakers, buckets, and rakes. To purchase one, you might need to set aside anywhere from £36,000 to £71,500, depending on the machine’s capacity.

Dumper Costs and Considerations

Renting a dumper is a more budget-friendly choice compared to purchasing one. The process of hiring these machines, used for transporting heavy materials on construction sites, is straightforward. Rental fees are contingent on the machine’s capacity, and an additional charge applies if you opt to rent an operator. Renting a ten-tonne dumper will incur higher costs compared to a one-tonne machine. Plant Hire Kent offers competitively priced dumpers, featuring equipment from renowned international brand Thwaites. For all your dumper and excavator needs, reach out to FGS Plant Kent to discuss your requirements.

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