How to Master the Open Floor Plan

How to Master the Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan eliminates walls and creates an airy and inviting atmosphere. This style of home design can also create decorating challenges, so be sure to consider your options before deciding to open up your floor plan. You can link walls to create zones or define different styles within an open floor plan. Read on for tips and tricks to make the most of this style of home design. Here are three ways to master this style of home.

When designing an open floor plan, make sure to leave enough space between rooms. This will make the space feel more functional and sociable. Consider using area rugs to create a sense of separation and to subtly distinguish sections of the room. Area rugs also add warmth and texture. If your space is not already furnished, consider purchasing a rug to add a sense of cohesion. This way, guests won’t feel lost or cramped in a space that’s too large.

Another way to maximize the open floor plan is by maximizing natural lighting. This way, you’ll have better lighting for daily tasks. Additionally, natural light is also known to enhance our moods and productivity, so you’ll want to make sure that your home’s windows offer plenty of natural light. If possible, use big, high-quality windows. A flexible floor plan will allow you to rearrange furniture and create areas for guests to congregate.

If you’re considering an open floor plan, consider using an area rug to delineate various areas. The right area rug can give the layout personality it needs. Choose a rug with a color that matches the rest of the room and can provide a soft place for your furniture to rest. Choose formal rugs for the dining room, and a playful and vibrant rug for the living room. A shag rug is best for the living room.

When decorating open floor plans, carry the stylistic elements into the adjacent rooms. For example, if you’re remodeling the kitchen, you’ll probably want the color scheme in the living room to match the kitchen. That means the fabric of your sofa should complement your new stone countertops and appliances. You can even match throw pillows and area rugs to the cabinets and countertops in the kitchen. This will help the open floor plan flow smoothly.

One of the most important aspects of an open floor plan is that it makes it easier to move around the space and maintains a spacious feeling. The absence of walls will create an open space that is welcoming to visitors. You can use oversized furniture pieces and separate areas of interest. The best open floor plan allows you to maximize the space and create an aesthetically pleasing space. While there are some cons to open floor plans, they are well worth the tradeoffs.

As the housing industry gained more power, open floor plans became more popular. Many new families gained enough equity from their wartime homes to trade up to larger houses. These families developed more ambition and needed more space. Small modernist homes disappeared and big, spacious homes were born. Many of these open floor plans featured vaulted ceilings and open spaces. These open floor plans required the homeowner to manage more space and activity than they were used to. It was like a ship’s bridge without the crew.

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