Brightening Up Your Manufactured Home Lighting

Brightening Up Your Manufactured Home Lighting

If you’ve been sulking over the darkness of your manufactured home, it’s time to brighten things up! With the tips in this article, you can add beautiful lighting to your manufactured home and enjoy the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere it creates. You can easily find a variety of wall lighting options to fit your style and budget. Clayton Built has several options for you to consider.

The best way to brighten up a space is to choose high-quality light bulbs. Instead of reaching for the “daylight” bulbs, look for light bulbs that emit a warm glow. Choose a more natural glow if you want your home to appear brighter. Lighting is an important part of any design. It must be used for the proper purpose. Avoid using dark shades, which tend to tone down light and make it difficult to read. Use a lampshade in a room with a dark color to add drama.

If you’re selling your manufactured home, consider brightening up the rooms. Bright rooms are more inviting to potential buyers. They show off your home’s best features and make your home stand out. Lighting can also make the difference between a potential sale and a non-sale. Investing in good lighting can pay off big when it comes to selling your home. So, go ahead and brighten up your manufactured home!

In addition to standard string lights, you can also use LED bulbs in clear tubing. Using these lights on the fascia of your manufactured home will give your house a festive, holiday look. You can also use rope lights to outline windows and walkways, driveways, and walkways. These rope lights will come with stakes. If you want a merry feel, consider icicle Christmas lights, which mimic the look of icicles or snow. The illusion of snow and icicles will give your home a festival-like feel. You can even blend traditional string lights with icicle Christmas lights to give your manufactured home a unique look.

Installing skylights is another great way to add light without having to install wall windows. These skylights can be installed in your ceiling to give you natural light. They are a big commitment, but they can make all the difference in your home’s lighting. You can choose between a warm yellowish light for your workspace and a cool white light for your living room. Make sure to clean all fixtures thoroughly, too.

Another great way to improve lighting is to make the windows larger. Adding larger windows and doorways will also help the lighting situation. Then, you can place window clings and hanging art on them. Don’t overdo it, and remember to keep it moderate! Brighten up your manufactured home with a few simple ideas. When you’re ready to go, begin today. Brightening Up Your Manufactured Home Lighting

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